Thirty Books in Thirty Days Challenge Anyone?

… Or Already Having a Suspicion I Will Fail This Terribly LOL

So, I’ve been falling behind on my #BeattheBacklist2021 Challenge (not that I’m terribly surprised though I’m doing MUCH better than 2020’s list) and even a bit on my Goodreads challenge though I’m closer to that at least. And thus I thought what the hell, I will be brave and attempt the Thirty Books in Thirty Days Challenge (#30booksin30days) starting June 1st. It… will be a challenge to say the least especially as I have some writing things I want to do, though I know I used to manage a book a day pretty easily. And honestly, even if I only manage half of them for fifteen books total, that’s going to make a major dent on the book mountain. Hell, if I can finish the four books I’ve been reading for the past month or so, I’ll consider it a win LOL.

I think I’m going to split it between my 2021 challenge list and some books I’ve gotten since the year started including ARCs, non-goal list books, and 2021 releases I’m expecting due to preorders. Seems like a good way to switch it up without feeling like I’m neglecting the goal list too badly lol.

I don’t have a bingo card for this which is sad considering how oddly motivating it tends to be for me, but I am at least going to make a rough list of what I hope to accomplish reading and check them off as I go along.

Anyone else doing the challenge in June or have you done it before and have some tips for me?

Books from the Challenge List

1. Ladycastle – Graphic Novel/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/01/21

2. Cotillion - #BeattheBacklist2021 - read 6/01/21

3. The Battle of Blood and Ink – Graphic Novel/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/01/21

4. Lady Fortescue Steps Out – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/03/21

5. Sapphire Flames - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/05/21

6. Emerald Blaze - #BeattheBacklist2021 - read 6/07/21

7. Diamond Fire - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/07/21 (Welp I'm officially going rogue from the original list in order to do a Hidden Legacy series reread so I have NO IDEA which books I will or will not be reading. I'll keep the current list for now just to remind myself of what the original goal books were, but at least 4-5 of these will be displaced now LOL).

8. Burn for Me - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/08/21

9. White Hot - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/08/21

10. Wildfire - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/09/21

11. Miss Tonks Turns to Crime – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book - 6/09/21

7. Ash - #BeattheBacklist2021

8. The Storm Crow - #BeattheBacklist2021

9. The Belles - #BeattheBacklist2021

10. Beasts of Night - #BeattheBacklist2021

11. Crown of Thunder - #BeattheBacklist2021

12. Catherine House - #BeattheBacklist2021

13. Are You Listening? - #BeattheBacklist2021

14. The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in this One - #BeattheBacklist2021

15. The Rest of Us Just Live Here - #BeattheBacklist2021

16. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - #BeattheBacklist2021

17. Midnight Never Come - #BeattheBacklist2021

18. All Out - #BeattheBacklist2021

19. The Walls Around Us - #BeattheBacklist2021

20. An Unkindness of Ghosts - #BeattheBacklist2021

21. Manga Classics Hamlet - #BeattheBacklist2021

22. Ignite the Stars - #BeattheBacklist2021

23. Across the Green Grass Fields – 2021 Release

25. The Dead and the Dark – ARC 2021 Release

26. The Ravens – ARC 2021 Release

27. Emily Goes to Exeter – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book

28. The Girl from the Well – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book

29. The Miser of Mayfair – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book

30. Dark, Witch, and Creamy – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book