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Thirty Books in Thirty Days Challenge Anyone?

… Or Already Having a Suspicion I Will Fail This Terribly LOL

So, I’ve been falling behind on my #BeattheBacklist2021 Challenge (not that I’m terribly surprised though I’m doing MUCH better than 2020’s list) and even a bit on my Goodreads challenge though I’m closer to that at least. And thus I thought what the hell, I will be brave and attempt the Thirty Books in Thirty Days Challenge (#30booksin30days) starting June 1st. It… will be a challenge to say the least especially as I have some writing things I want to do, though I know I used to manage a book a day pretty easily. And honestly, even if I only manage half of them for fifteen books total, that’s going to make a major dent on the book mountain. Hell, if I can finish the four books I’ve been reading for the past month or so, I’ll consider it a win LOL.

I think I’m going to split it between my 2021 challenge list and some books I’ve gotten since the year started including ARCs, non-goal list books, and 2021 releases I’m expecting due to preorders. Seems like a good way to switch it up without feeling like I’m neglecting the goal list too badly lol.

I don’t have a bingo card for this which is sad considering how oddly motivating it tends to be for me, but I am at least going to make a rough list of what I hope to accomplish reading and check them off as I go along.

Anyone else doing the challenge in June or have you done it before and have some tips for me?

Edit: Unsurprisingly I'd already gone rogue from the original list as of book oh... 5 here in order to reread a fave series (Hidden Legacies) of which one of the books on the original list was the newest release. However, it still counts as reading which I'm happy with. I'm not as happy with the two weeks I just flat didn't read/finish anything, but considering it was due to finding out we lost my dad, it's only to be expected. Still, I'm making progress and some of them have been #Beatthebacklist books and/or other new physical books I wanted to read. Just got to keep trucking along. Maybe I'll surprise myself before the month is out. Either way, I have NO IDEA which books I will or will not be reading. I'll keep the current list for now just to remind myself of what the original goal books were, but at least 4-5 of these will be displaced now LOL.

Edit and Final Count: Welp, I didn't even hit 15 books this month, but considering the death in the family I got hit with and everything that went along with it (including having to catch up on work after being out so unexpectedly etc.), I feel like 13 books total was a pretty damned good number. I would have liked if more of them were #beatthebacklist books and/or the ARCs I have piled up, but meh. Interestingly, I realized when I'm stressed out, I can't handle audiobooks which is the exact opposite of how I would have expected things to go. Generally they are my low-stress reading option, but apparently I get far more sensitive to sound when dealing with grief related stress. Who knew right? At least I only had 1 DNF out of the group, which is less than I expected of a challenge which forces e to read and move on as fast as possible. Over all, it was a fun experiment I think, and I'm already thinking I may try it again in August or maybe September as a reset after July's Camp NaNoWriMo writing marathon. We shall see!

Challenge List

1. Ladycastle – Graphic Novel/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/01/21

2. Cotillion - #BeattheBacklist2021 - read 6/01/21

3. The Battle of Blood and Ink – Graphic Novel/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/01/21

4. Lady Fortescue Steps Out – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/03/21

5. Sapphire Flames - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - read 6/05/21

6. Emerald Blaze - #BeattheBacklist2021 - read 6/07/21

7. Diamond Fire - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/07/21

8. Burn for Me - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/08/21

9. White Hot - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/08/21

10. Wildfire - Re-read Non-list Backlist Book - 6/09/21

11. Miss Tonks Turns to Crime – Audiobook/Non-list Backlist Book - 6/09/21

12. All Out - #beatthebacklist - 6/23/21

13. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - #BeattheBacklist2021 - 6/24/21


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