#BeattheBacklist 2022 and a Goal of 52 Physical Books Read!

Welp, last year’s reading goal was uh… less than met shall we say? It still was a lot better than the previous year (at least as far as reading books on my #BeattheBacklist planned list though the overall numbers according to Goodreads was quite a bit lower over all LOL), but I managed barely 20% of my overall goal of 100 reads of my physical TBR. Considering that, I’m dropping the number back down to 52 instead. Most of the titles below are going to be from the previous year’s list, but I have a fair number of new books I got last year (of course – oof I am a book hoarder to be sure) that I’m quite excited to read as well. So yeah, I’m adding those to the list, as well, because why not!

Granted, most of these are currently packed up after our move and won’t be unpacked until we have the bookshelves built in my new office, but I can at least get started on the books that I have on my bedside table and or have multiple versions of in eBook or audiobook format. Because I apparently hoard books in various forms as well as just in general. Like ya do. LOL.

But yeah, this challenge is always fun, as is the Bingo card that comes with it. I still don’t know why it’s so damned motivating, but I’ll take whatever motivation I can get! But yeah, if y’all are interested in checking it out, the main challenge blog is here: https://austinedecker.com/beat-the-backlist/ You can check out #BeattheBacklist on Twitter as well to check out folks’ sign ups. The community portion also tends to be super encouraging, too.

1. Beasts Made of Night *

2. Crown of Thunder *

3. Where Dreams Descend *

4. Ignite the Stars*

5. Watership Down

6. Tales from Watership Down

7. The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina

8. Lakesedge

9. The Once and Future Witches

10. The Grimrose Girls

11. Vampires Never Get Old

12. Over the Woodward Wall

13. A Deadly Education

14. A History of Wild Places

15. Foreshadow

16. Shadow of the Fox*

17. Feed*

18. The Girl from Everywhere*

19. Of Fire and Stars*

20. The Last Namsara*

21. A Secret History of Witches*

22. Ash*

23. The Walls Around Us*

24. Sabriel*

25. Lirael

26. Abhorsen

27. The City We Became *

28. An Unkindness of Ghosts*

29. The Belles*

30. The House in the Cerulean Sea*

31. Song of the Current*

32. Gideon the Ninth*

33. Tarnished are the Stars

34. Uprooted

35. Out Now

36. Are You Listening

37. As Old as Time

38. The Rest of Us Just Live Here

39. The Passage

40. Loosed Upon the World

41. Ghost Wood Song

42. This Splintered Silence

43. Cinderella is Dead

44. Sekret

45. Manga Classics – The Stories of Edgar Allen Poe

46. Rebelwing

47. Devils Unto Dust

48. Once and Future

49. The Sword in the Stars

50. Anna Dressed in Blood

51. Girl of Nightmares

52. The Disasters

As always, I know I’ll end up reading new releases or new backlist books I get or reread or well… Let’s just say this list tends to be all over the place when compared to the “official” goal TBR above. But hey, it still counts as reading. I just don’t get to use my handy Bingo card for these. LOL

Bonus Books:

Book – Date Read – Format – Type aka non-list backlist book or new release or reread