#ARCAugust 2021

Let me just start off by saying, I swear I do intend to write blogs that aren’t centered on a writing challenge at SOME POINT. Honest, I have two blog posts on my to-do lists of things I want to write literally as we speak. AND YET. Here we are with the intro to yet another challenge, this time #ARCAugust which I’ve participated in the past couple years. Yes, I know this makes the third challenge I’ve blogged about so far, and who knows, it’s entirely possible I’ll participate in another later in the year depending on what I stumble upon. Hell, maybe even a second attempt at #30booksin30days. We shall see.

But there is a point to all of these challenges, I swear. My whole goal this year was to make a dent on my physical TBR and hopefully get books OUT of my house before the foundation collapses under the weight of them. Thus far… Well… I’ve bought books this year and friends gave me books and my mom gave me books and honestly I don’t want to sit down and count the current unread pile because it’s entirely possible it’s higher than it was at the start of the year. Don’t get me wrong – I have, in fact, read some of my #beatthebacklist challenge books. Only 18 so far which is less than impressive compared to the 100 that is my whole year’s goal, but they were indeed read and some of them are even in my bag to give away and/or have already been given to family or friends. And some of the new books I’ve gotten this year have also been finished up (though most of those are in the keep pile which oh well.) So overall, I know that’s progress. But not nearly as much as I’d hoped for by the end of July of this year.

Luckily though, and thus the reason for me attempting this particular #ARCAugust readathon challenge again, quite a few books on the pile are ARCs. Well, I say luckily when all of them but one have already been released so I have really fallen behind on getting reviews posted before release day on basically all of them. That one is coming out August 3rd, so you can bet that’s the first one I plan to read for the challenge (aside from the couple I’ve already started/have in progress which I will either finish before August starts or very early in August if all goes well).

Otherwise, though, there’s not technically any pressure for me to get them read aside from the fact that I KNOW I don’t plan to keep them (Seanan McGuire is the only person I collect ARCs for – in all her pen names as it happens – and hey if you ever luck into an ARC of hers that you don’t want to keep I would LOVE for you to let me pay for you to ship it to me!!). That makes knocking them off the TBR list even more of a bonus since it will immediately make more room on my shelves when I give them away. I have some already earmarked to be returned to the friend who lent them to me, but the rest will likely be going to a local English/Language Arts teacher or librarian at a middle school or high school if I can figure out how/where to donate them. I’ve got some great diverse titles/authors in this list (more than half are by authors of color which makes me even happier to share!), so I’d love to get them into teen readers’ hands.

This is not a small amount of books to read in a single month – especially at the sad rate I’ve been reading most of this year. But it’s less than the 13 I managed during my (sadly failed LOL) attempt at the #30booksin30days challenge, so I think it’s doable. And bonus if I read all of them, it will definitely boost the number of books I’ve knocked out on my #beatthebacklist goal.

1. THE DEAD AND THE DARK – 2021 release










So yeah, that’s the slightly dauntingly list. I think I can do it though. Be on the lookout for a fancy Instagram worthy pic of these titles being added to the blog post in the next day or so in time for the start of the actual month (once I see if I finish some of these before August 1st after all). Anyone else joining the challenge? Let me know so we can commiserate *cough* I mean cheer each other on! LOL