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#LatinxBookBingo for Latinx Heritage Month

Welp folks, after the (relative as I only completed 4 books out of the 11 that ended up on my TBR) success of last month’s #ARCAugust, I am, as the kids say, back on my bullshit with yet another readathon/book bingo challenge, this time with the #LatinxBookBingo hosted by @LatinxBookBingo on twitter for Latinx Heritage Month from 9/15/19 to 10/15/19 with the goal of highlighting books about Latinx characters by Latinx authors. Admittedly, I mayyyyyyyyy be cheating a little and starting prior to the 15th. I have a fair amount of books to read, after all, and frankly any books off my monster TBR pile at any time sounds like a win to me even if it’s fudging the dates a little. Shush don’t tell 😉

This time I’m being a little more proactive/pre-organized by actually assigning books to bingo squares from the start instead of throwing them on the board at random like I did for the #ARCAugust one LOL. So my goals are:

Physical Books:

  1. BEYOND THE RED – Gabe, writing as Ava Jae for “Backlist Title”

  2. CERTAIN DARK THINGS – Silvia Moreno-Garcia for “Rec’d by a Latinx Reader” DONE

  3. NOCTURNA (ARC copy) – Maya Montayne for “New to You Author”

  4. PRIDE – Ibi Zoboi for “Out of Your Comfort Zone”

  5. WILD BEAUTY – Anna-Marie McClemore for “Intersectional MC”

  6. WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH – Elizabeth Acevedo for “On Cover Rep”

  7. CHILLING EFFECT (ARC copy) - Valerie Valdes "Any Book by Latinx Author" (Amusingly this ARC arrived 9/14 so it seems like fate to add it to this readathon!)

I also have a few audio- and eBooks that I might do for the challenge, but I am not sure if any of them fit the remaining squares – I know three of them they definitely WON’T fit LOL, but really it’s as much about getting books read as it is about getting bingo squares filled in, so we shall see. In any case, the eBooks/audiobooks in question are:

1. BLANCA & ROJA – Anna-Marie McLemore (Audiobook. Yes this is a second AMM title. No I don’t care.)

2. LABYRINTH LOST – Zoraida Cordova (This one is the perfect example of the reason I prefer hardcovers to eBooks – it’s FAR too easy for eBooks to sit on my TBR and off my mind since I can’t see them piling up. I’ve wanted to read this one forever practically, but kept convincing myself I didn’t actually own it *headdesk*)

3. THE LAST 8 – Laura Pohl (Another I could have sworn I hadn’t bought yet but really wanted to read…and only just realized I could have been reading it a while ago LOL)

So yeah ten books isn’t too bad – at least it’s not eleven like last month (even if one of those eleven is now on this list… That’s not cheating right? LOL) I have NO IDEA if I’ll manage to complete all of them or not. I’ve been reading a lot more this year – I’m a solid six books (so six weeks) ahead of my Goodreads goal of 52 for the year, so I feel like ten is possible if not easy to accomplish. Again, progress over perfection is the goal. As long as it’s more books read than I had at the beginning of the year (or the month in the case of an individual readathon), I’ll call it a win!

Any of you diving in for the book bingo challenge? Anyone have others I can join maybe for the end of the year? Let me know!

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