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This One is For You

This One is For You

Yes, you.

(And you, too).

This one is for the you who is struggling, who feels like you’re falling further and further behind, who is trying to keep your head above water (or at least your nose).

This one is for the you working that side hustle and that side hustle and yet another side hustle, sometimes on top of a day job (or two), who watches your time to work on the projects of your heart get smaller and smaller while you struggle to pay the bills.

This one is for you writers, sitting at your computer for hours on end only to realize you’ve barely managed a sentence or two.

This one is for the you who is revising, terrified that you’re just making your work worse, that you’ll never be able to fix it into a recognizable shape.

This one is for the bloggers, for those of you struggling to stay relevant, to think of the next topic, for those of you who haven’t managed to post in months.

This one is for my readers, for the you who is trying desperately to remember the joy a book used to bring you, but who is getting buried under the way of a TBR growing taller and taller all the time.

This one is to say this to all of you: you are not alone. We’re all struggling, we’re all trying, we’re all sometimes failing from time to time.

But you and you and you and you still have time. Still can do it, even if it’s taking longer than you like. Even if it feels like you’ll never get things just right, never quite good enough.

You can still do it. You can.

This one is to say that I believe in you.

This one is for all of you trying your best.

(This one is for me, too).

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