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So my Friday schedule for book reviews doesn’t seem to be holding. Oops? LOL

I don’t talk about movies much here, but can I just say that I absolutely LOVED Pacific Rim? It was easily one of my favorite movies of the past ten years, and one that I am super excited for the sequel for. While I’m waiting for that, I’ve been indulging in tons of fanfic and fanart (like ya do), and, thanks to my awesome bestie giving them to me for Christmas, I’ve finally gotten to dive into the comic tie-ins, as well! I haven’t read many comics lately, mostly due to reading almost too fast to make a comic a worthwhile/financially sound purchase unless I get a trade paperback collection (no really – I can read most novels in two hours or less – I got through both of these comics combined in less than thirty minutes – girl’s gotta budget, y’all LOL). But these were both definite reminders of how much I enjoy comics (and manga) as a medium, and I might need to go searching for some more to indulge in!

2/26 of 2017 Goodreads Challenge


OK this was gorgeous! The art was absolutely stunning, and I loved the way the current timeline and the Drift images between Duc and Kaori had such completely different coloring styles. It really made the difference between mental and physical images pop for me. And gah can I just say how much I loved Duc and Kaori as characters, pilots, and a couple? They had me tearing up so so much by the end of the story, and the way it ends is really one of only two complaints I had with this comic if only because I would have read a ton of stories about this pair. “I would have read a ton of stories” in general was my other pet peeve for this volume in that Duc and Kaori was the only story we got, despite the title being “Tales” plural. I would have loved a full length trade paperback instead of something this short. Who knows – maybe we’ll get lucky after the next movie comes out and end up with tons of new tie-ins!

3/26 of 2017 Goodreads Challenge


As with TALES FROM THE DRIFT, really my only “minus” for this comic book was how short it was. With that aside though, this was a fantastic story. The framing of the over-arching set up was very well done, and I loved getting some of the history behind the characters in Pacific Rim and of the PPDC in general. Familiar characters Tendo, Raleigh and Yancy, and Stacker and Mako took center stage here, and we also had bonus glimpses of Stacker’s family and partner, and the scientists who started it all with the first pilot pair. The coloring in this was much bolder too, I think, and the different designs of the Kaiju and Jaegers were a visual feast for me. So yeah, I would just have loved to see MOAR pages, as well as a look at more of the characters. I’ll be on the lookout for more volumes, to be sure.

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