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Owlcrate Ahoy!

So I switched subscription boxes again, signing up for just in time for their “Wonderland” box – as a long time Cheshire Cat obsessive and tea junkie, this box just seemed like something I needed to snag as soon as possible, and I don’t even remotely regret my life choices.

Honestly, I think this is my fave of the subscription boxes I’ve been sent so far. At first glance, it seemed like it would have fewer items (they only promise 1 YA book per box) since it cost less ($30 + shipping as opposed to $50 with the other boxes I’ve ordered), but after looking at the past boxes and giggling over what I got in this box, I really think I got more than in any of the other boxes.

So let’s break it down by awesomeness, shall we?

As always with subscription boxes: the intro/spoiler letter. I loved the Alice illustration on the back of this, and getting the bonus matching button just made me smile like a loon. I waited to read it until after I opened all of the box, of course. I never read spoilers! LOL

Owlcrate Exclusive white cover version of HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer: I enjoyed the hell out of the Lunar Chronicles (which I prolly should review at some point, huh? LOL), and I’ve been super excited to get my hands on HEARTLESS considering my love of Alice in Wonderland retellings. Seeing it in my box was a total flail moment, and finding out that the white cover was an exclusive goodie just for us made it even better!

Related to the above: Letter from Marissa Meyer & HEARTLESS quote card “Sometimes your heart is the only thing worth listening to.” I always love getting mini-swag items like this. I have a bulletin board at the day job just covered with fun stuff, and it never gets old to find new ones to put up there. The letter, I’m keeping with the book, itself – it’ll be a nice bit of inspiration prior to reading!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll with exclusive illustrated cover designed just for Owlcrate – I actually have 3 different versions of the book now including this one. Gotta love it when I end up with an accidental collection!

Related to the above: an adorable bookmark that also went up on my swag board quick like.

An Fandom Tea tin of “Wonderland Elixir” blend including 16 decaf tea bags: Holy crap y’all I am OBSESSED with Adagio’s fandom teas & to get a tin included in this box was such a treat! The tea itself smells so so good – it’s definitely going to be my writing tea for the next while, and I have a deep suspicion I’ll be buying more on my own once I run out (assuming it is available & wasn’t solely exclusive to Owlcrate). But y’all the tin itself was so freaking cute! Not only was there fantastic art all on the outside of the tin – the inside lid even had some with the Cheshire Cat saying “Curiouser and curiouser.” My man thought I’d hurt myself I squealed so loud when I discovered it. Added bonus – full size tins like this usually run $20 or so just by themselves. Having that in addition to everything else sent the value of the box far above what I spent on it!

Alice in Wonderland Magnet with quote “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”: This magnet was totally lovely, and that quote is one of those that speaks to my heart!

Alice in Wonderland brass quote cameo bookmark with “Curiouser and curiouser”: this is almost too lovely to use just as a bookmark. I honestly would be tempted to wear it as a broach if I can rig it properly LOL.

Finally, there was a sneak peek into next month’s “EPIC” box which I’m definitely looking forward to. What was the hint? *zips lip* Sorry - that would be telling!

So what can I say – I just enjoyed the hell out of this box, and got a total of ELEVEN awesome items all together. I’m actually going to be buying December boxes for several of my friends as Yule gifts. They saw my Wonderland box & wanted a surprise box of their own! Really if that’s not a sign that Owlcrate is awesome, then I don’t know what is!

Have any of you gotten Owlcrates or other subscription boxes? Have another you think I should try out? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

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