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Never Enough Bookshelves MARIAN BY ELLA LYONS

So #FridayReads is happening a day early today because WE HAVE A BOOK BIRTHDAY TO CELEBRATE! *cue confetti cannon and balloons*

I have made some amazing friends thanks to the joy of Twitter, one of whom is the fabulous @jennirrific who is an absolute doll, as well as both super supportive as a friend and absolutely talented as a writer. I’m delighted to say that her book, MARIAN, is out today!! I was lucky enough to get my copy early (this is why you preorder, folks!), and it is just as pretty in person as I thought it would be.

I actually read the book back this past spring as I have the honor of being a beta and plot bouncer extraordinaire for the sequel (which trust me you will want to read too when it comes out!).

Really, if you know me, probably all I need to say about this book is that it’s an F/F Robin Hood retelling centered on Marian as she journeys with her father to become a member of the king’s court. We all know I’m a definite fan of retellings, and this one is done so well, y’all. It doesn’t keep to the exact history of the legend, though considering how many version of the legend there are, that still works for me LOL. In any case, it absolutely does keep to the spirit of the tale, with Marian trying to subtly maneuver around King John’s mistreatment of his people while a redheaded lady Robin is off training to be a knight in the king’s army prior to the big moment which sets her up as the “criminal” we all know and love to cheer on.

Marian in particular held my heart so tight, y’all. She’s doing the best she can with the limitations of her birth, sex, and station in life, and even when she thinks it might not be enough, she keeps striving onwards and upwards to help other people. I’m just… I heart her so much. So so much!

I’m sure I could babble on about this book for another 500 words or more, but really, you just need to read it. It is just utterly darling. Looking forward to the sequel!!

BTW if you want a copy of your own, it's available directly through the publisher's site here: (added bonus - you get the ebook free when you buy the paperback through them!!)

Or if you are a slave to Amazon, you can get the book through them here:

Go forth and buy this delight of a book!!

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