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So this is something new for me for #FridayReads - instead of revealing a cover for one of my other writerly friends, this time I'm part of the reveal for our OWN cover! Specifically, the cover for the third installment of our CLICHES FOR A CAUSE charity anthology series, titled IN THE BEGINNING.

As she did last year, the incredible author and cover artist, Emma Michaels, created the gorgeous cover for us. I definitely recommend her if you are looking for a cover design. You can find her portfolio here:

So without further ado: here is the cover and back cover blurb! (BTW, the book will release on Amazon on November 1st - if you'd like to help with a release day blog or get a review ARC, please shoot me a message in the Contact Me form!) Also stay tuned below for a little sneak peek of my story "Star by Star!"

In the beginning, a scattered group of creatives all hoped for a chance to help religious tolerance thrive. Now eleven authors and fifteen artists will bring you a glimpse of creation and the origins of vast and varied characters and worlds. Join us for the third installment of the Clichés for a Cause charity anthology series with all proceeds benefiting Interfaith Action of Central Texas (IACT)

Star by Star

...Holes, Zatri wanted out of this embarrassment of an institute of “higher” learning. Wanted out of the crowded, second rate classrooms filled with low-earning students, and off this rickety transport. Someday, she promised herself, someday she’d be free of this pile of excrement disguised as an academy.

The only catch to her ambitions was the need to get into a Starcraft lab in the first place. Thus, sneaking onto the transport, and, of course, her connection to the insipid Nandrin, who currently studied at the one and only Zenith University, and so had access to their state of the art Starcrafting facilities. Not that Nandrin had the aptitude for such studies, or even for basic Mooncrafting; the other half of their arrangement included Zatri tutoring the male on the basics even ICAA students were expected to master. So far, her expertise had increased Nandrin’s assessment average by approximately five percent. It wasn’t much, but he might manage to pass the minimum expected standards this semester if he continued to improve at the same rate.

Mother-Prime was not aware of Nandrin’s abysmal aptitude scores, and Zatri wouldn’t be the one to reveal them. That would halt their association in its tracks, and that Zatri simply could not allow. Finding another connection to the Starcraft lab would waste valuable time at this juncture.

The transport slowed, and Zatri lifted her head to see the Zenith station approaching, Nandrin waiting at one of the windows and waving his tarsus digits at her. Holes, but he was so painfully excited all the time.

“Design. Ignite. Expand. Explode.” Zatri whispered it to herself quietly, reminding herself of why his presence was necessary. She could handle anything, even an unwanted suitor if it meant she could have her stars...

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