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Part of what I love about the writer and reader communities is just how incredibly generous they can be, and the Literary Love for Louisiana Charity Auction is a perfect example of that. Following the horrible flooding in Louisiana this past August, authors Em Shotwell and Sharon M Johnston decided to set up a charity auction with all proceeds going to the local Habitat for Humanity which is helping folks with damaged and completely destroyed homes. So many people lost everything in the floods, and many of which don’t even have the correct insurance since the flooding occurred outside of the normal flood plains. People are in dire straits, and Habitat for Humanity is making a huge difference in that community right now.

With that in mind, Em and Sharon sent out a call to others in the book community to ask them to donate their time, books, and services to the auction, and damn did the community answer! There is now a fantastic list of 35 items that you can bid on, including a critique of your first 10 pages/first chapter and query from yours truly ;)

To check out the full list of bidding items go here:

If you’re interested in my item specifically (which if you’re reading this blog, I’d assume you’re at least somewhat interested LOL), you can scamper over to bid here:

The auction will be open from now until Sunday September 18th at 11:59PM. Good luck with your bids, and I hope you all win some awesome items!

If you have any questions about the auction in general or my item in particular, feel free to reach out over on Twitter @C_L_McCollum

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