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Never Enough Bookshelves THE CURSED CHILD

So I rarely post books that underwhelmed me on this blog, mostly as I know how hard it is for writers to succeed, and I wouldn’t want to risk turning people away from a writer that could use an extra sale or two hundred. But let’s be real, J.K. Rowling is NOT going to be harmed by my opinion of her books, right? As much as I’d love to think I have that power, we all know I don’t LOL.

In any case, here’s my unpopular opinion for the month: I didn’t like THE CURSED CHILD.

I was tentatively excited when I heard about the play and then more so when I heard they were releasing the script. Now before you say that I didn’t like it because of the script format, let me just say that I’ve done stage acting in the past and still read Shakespeare for fun. Scripts do not kill my enjoyment of a story, at least not if that script is written well.

This one I would say was written ably, but not precisely enjoyably. It’s one of those “the grammar was excellent, but the story… eh?” moments for me.

I wanted to like this book, y’all; I really did. It just fell flat for me.

I think my big issue was the lack of wonder or hope that the original Harry Potter series held for me. Even during some of the darkest moments of the series, there was still as sense of fun and wonder from Harry discovering the wizarding world and comparing it with the hell that was his life with the Dursleys. This book didn’t feel like it had any of that wonder. Instead we had a rush through 3-4 years of Harry’s son being utterly miserable at Hogwarts followed by a plot driven by one of my least favorite plot tropes. I’m not mentioning what trope here just on the chance some of you are yet to read it – I hate spoilers as much as the next reader LOL. But rest assured, it’s a pretty common plot device, and it just felt tired here as opposed to a unique take on it.

Some have said it read like bad fanfiction, only without the happy ending for any onscreen explicit slash couples, and I have to admit, that’s not an inaccurate description of it.

I do know several people who enjoyed it, but I just was underwhelmed overall. I’ve still got tentative hopes for the FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM film, but this play probably won’t be one I’ll spend my money on in the event that it makes it to US theaters.

So how about y’all? Did any of you read THE CURSED CHILD? Love it? Hate it? Let me know over on Twitter @C_L_McCollum!

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