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BookRiot YA Quarterly Box 04

#BYA04 Baby!

(Warning: If you have NOT received your box yet due to the snowpacalypse, you might want to skip this blog post for now – I’m trying to keep the photo hidden. Hopefully it works and you aren’t spoiled! But I’ll definitely want to hear from you once it shows up!)

Warning long post ahoy – there were so many fun things in this box that it turned into quite a lengthy post!

So confession, I’ve actually gotten the regular BookRiot Quarterly box prior to this, but it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. The bookish extras were a lot of fun, but the books weren’t quite my taste. Let’s be real – I’m very much a SFF and/or YA kinda girl, and most of the books in the two regular boxes I’ve received were more contemporary than I read on a regular basis. Thus my jumping ship to the YA box.

After opening my box today, I regret nothing.

So just in case you haven’t gotten a Quarterly box in general or one of the BookRiot ones in particular, the gist of it is a subscription box that comes every three months (hence ‘quarterly’) packed with a collection of surprise items. The one downside is that you never know what’s going to be in the box, but honestly that’s a big part of the fun too. For the BookRiot boxes in particular, you’ll get at least two books and two bookish related items all related to a common theme. In my experience, there usually are more than two of the extra items, but that’s what is guaranteed.

With this box, I got more than just the guaranteed items. I felt way spoiled as I pulled everything out, guys. So much love for this box this round. Seriously just look at all the pretty I got!

First up in every box is a brief letter with insight into the theme (this time it was artistic creation/expression – definitely one I could relate to!). The YA box also has a bonus list of recs for books that didn’t come in the box, but that still relate to the theme of the box. This one had 3 recs, and I want to read all of them ASAP (Er… ASAP once I tackle some of the TBR mountain which is now another two books higher after this box arrived. Oops?).

On to the books! I’m not going to go too much into detail on what the books are about, BTW. I will review them on this blog eventually. For now, just know that they look awesome, and you should totally check them out.

WE ARE THE ANTS by Shaun David Hutchinson: This is a brand new release (like 1/19/16!) which I was not expecting. The other books I’ve gotten in the past were at least a year old, so it was really fun to get something this new! I’ve seen some chatter on Twitter about it, too, and I’m looking forward to diving in to a contemporary sci-fi, especially one with diversity on multiple levels – something I’m hoping to make a point of reading more of this year. Also, it is a GORGEOUS hardcover: the texture of the cover made me extremely happy. And, if the book itself wasn’t enough, I also got a signed book plate & a book mark. Book swag will never not be fun.

ANA OF CALIFORNIA by Andi Teran: All I needed to hear was that this is an Anne of Green Gables remake dealing with a Latina protagonist in foster care, and I was so totally sold. Seriously, as I said above, I’m not usually a fan of contemporary, but this concept sounds amazing. The book’s been out a year, but I’d never heard of it before and am super excited to dive into it and probably subsequently rec it all over the place! For this one the bonus goodies included the short letter from the author just for the box subscribers, as well as a map of the town where Ana ends up AND some recipes. I already am planning where I’m hanging up the map (Have I mentioned how much I heart book-related maps? Because it’s kind of a lot frankly.).

So that was the books, on to the book related items!

It is the year of the adult coloring book, so I’m assuming most of you have seen the ENCHANTED FOREST one. Absolutely gorgeous, amirite? Well I got the 20 postcard booklet! The illustrations really are gorgeous, and the fact that it’s postcards makes me grin like a loon. I heart mail, both receiving and sending, so I’m already planning who I want to randomly send some of these to. Granted, I need to color them first which could get exciting. I was never the best at the whole “color in the line” thing, and there is a ton of detail on each of these. It really sounds like it will be fun though, so all I need to do is get some colored pencils and away I will go.

Last but so totally not least: guys, I got WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE socks. I say again – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE socks!! The bottoms of my feet say “Let the wild rumpus start.” I can’t even with these socks. I’m wearing them right now. Because reasons. If I have to explain those reasons to you, then sorry, I’m afraid we can’t be friends. Book related socks are their own reason. (Related: if you know me personally and ever need to find me a gift for some reason, book related socks are ALWAYS a welcome gift. My man earned massive brownie points at Christmas with a pair of library card ones in my stocking!)

OK that was (I think?) all the fun stuff I got unless I’ve missed writing something down. Either way, it’s a great haul! So, let’s look at this from the perspective that every writer hates: the numbers. Strictly from a financial standpoint – was this box worth what I paid for it?

Price of BookRiot YA Box: $55 (including shipping)

Price of things in the box:




WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE socks from $10.00

Total: 53.94

So just with the things I can actually price out, I was less than $2 away from the cost of the box. If shipping hadn’t been included, it certainly would have broken even price wise. Considering the addition of all the extras that I CAN’T price out (bookmark, book plate, book recs, letter from author, recipes, map), I definitely think this box was worth the money I spent on it from a financial standpoint.

And from the perspective of a book lover who also is obsessed with getting mail and loves that the whole thing is a surprise, it’s worth even more from a sheer bookish delight standpoint.

Guys, I loved everything about this box this round, and I’m totally getting it again in April. I’m not sure how else to say how much I enjoyed this!

So, did any of you get a BookRiot YA box this month or in the previous months? Is there another subscription box (bookish or otherwise) you think I should check out? Toss me a tweet @C_L_McCollum and let me know!


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