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If you've found your way to this page, chances are you're looking for a freelance editor. I'm always open to new clients, so welcome!

About me: I’m a long time writer with multiple short stories published in various anthologies, an editor and contributor for a series of charity anthologies, a Pitch Wars 2015 mentee, and an active beta reader and critique partner. I also graduated college with an accidental double major in Psych & English due to taking nothing but writing and literature courses as my electives. Since graduating, all of my day jobs have heavily featured writing and editing, including: a writing tutor at my college, a proofreader for a print factory, a medical summary writer and medical report proofreader, and an assistant to a university professor with 50% of my time spent on editing student and researcher papers for professional scientific journal submission and even proofreading an upcoming textbook. On the freelance side, I've been a literary agent intern help dive through the slush pile, and also freelance proofread and write back cover copy for small presses.

What can I say? Writing and editing are simply what I do.


Want to know what it's like to work with me? Check out the Testimonials below or contact me for a five page sample edit!


"Caitlan was super easy to work with. She met the deadlines I gave her and gave awesome feedback and edits. Her comments on how to make the plot flow better were spot on. She pointed out several things that I glossed over and I know that my story is 10 times better having used her. Definitely give her a try!" Amy Tasukada, author of The Yakuza Path series 

“Whether pointing out the smallest typo ever typo-ed, re-constructing awkward sentences to make them coherent, or throwing around plot ideas to see what sticks, Caitlan has been an unparalleled asset to every project she’s ever undertaken with me. She will always have an appreciative and returning partner in me, from the Herding Cats group to my own personal novels. I cannot sing her praises enough." - August Clearwing, author of NEVER HAVE I EVER


“Writing a query is a nerve-wracking experience. How can one possibly boil down a novel into a handful of paragraphs, on which the fate of your publishing career rests? Caitlan helped me wrangle in my jumble of phrases into something that read smoothly and enticingly, and yet still accurately conveyed my writing style. And it works – I’ve seen a significant increase in responses to my queries since implementing her suggestions!” – Maria Arnt

"I have had the privilege of working with Caitlan on two novels, both of which were better for passing through her hands. Her attention to characterization and the emotional meat of the main character's journey helped me rescue a manuscript from an unfulfilling ending, and the work is stronger for it. I have worked with her primarily on content editing, but her great attention to detail and commitment to organic flow of prose helped smooth some mechanical issues as well. I value her skill in communicating large suggested changes diplomatically and look forward to working with her again in the future." - Emma Ryle



I specialize in short stories, novellas, and novels in the following age categories and genres: Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult science fiction and fantasy (including all subgenres, such as speculative romance, space opera, magical realism, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, etc.). While those are my specialties, I am open to most other genres, as well, with the exception of those listed below.  


I am not the best fit for: Middle Grade or younger categories – including picture books, chapter books, etc.; mysteries; satire; and non-fiction (for developmental edits, though I am happy to do proofreading for non-fiction). In addition, I will not accept books featuring explicit sexual violence or explicit animal abuse or death (even if heroically dying for their owner – honestly, I still haven’t recovered from WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS).

In addition to the above, I am absolutely thrilled to edit diverse books featuring QUILTBAG+ characters, people of color, people with disabilities, and people belonging to religious, ethnic, or cultural minorities. Bring on the diversity! *NEW* In addition, I am offering a 10% discount to all authors of color and other marginalized voices! *NEW*

To book a service with me, send a brief description of the project (word count, genre, service requested, if a rush is needed, etc.) using the Contact form below. Please note, for Developmental Edits, Proofreading, and Line Edit packages, I will provide a free five page sample edit along with a contract including a price estimate and estimated time to complete the work. Once you are ready to book with me, the contract must be returned, and a 50% deposit is due with payment being taken via PayPal. The remaining 50% will be due once the work is completed. I will send the edits once I have received the final payment. Also, all new clients are eligible for a 15% new client discount on their first service with me. Mention the discount in your email!


Query Critique: $20 - includes an initial read of your query with edits/comments.  A second read following revision will be an additional $5.


Submission Package Critique: $50 – includes an initial read of your query, synopsis, and first chapter with edits/comments. A second read of all documents will be an additional $15.


Bisexuality Sensitivity Read: $.002 per word ($100 for 50k) – single pass through your manuscript. This is for anyone writing outside their lane who would like to be sure that they have written a bisexual character without being offensive. I will provide a short edit letter focusing on the bisexual representation only.


Developmental Edits aka The Reader Report: $.004 per word ($200 for 50k) – single pass through your manuscript. This is best for someone with an early rough draft who needs a look at the big picture issues including plot, pacing, voice, and characterization. I will provide you with a detailed edit letter highlighting your story’s strengths and weaknesses, with examples and suggestions for strengthening your story.


Proofreading aka The Little Details: $.005 per word ($250 for 50K) – single pass through your manuscript. This is intended for those who have done multiple drafts on their stories and are ready for one final polish before submitting to agents or editors. No edit letter is provided, but I will use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes to provide in-depth line by line edits and comments with a focus on word choice, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.


Line Edits aka The Best of Both Worlds: $.006 per word ($300 for 50k) – single pass through your manuscript. This would be best for second or third drafts, where you still want feedback on the big picture elements, but also want an eye on your sentence structure and word choice. It includes an edit letter as per the Reader Report, as well as line by line edits and proofreading.

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